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Based on True Confessions

What is a jumpseat? It's a retractable seat located on an airplane near the emergency exit doors where flight attendants sit for takeoff and landing. Some of the juiciest gossip and confessions are told on this seat. So I decided to write a book about these confessions. Of course, I changed names to protect the "guilty," and narrowed the story down to three composite characters. From there I brought the confessions to light, mixing up, embellishing at times, but telling the stories of their lives on and off the plane. A friend recognized himself through the dialogue. He was a good sport and laughed it off. No one else recognized themselves, or if they did--would they admit it?

Like my first novel, I started out self-publishing, borrowing money from my savings to get it published. I printed five hundred copies and hit the ground running. I promoted at clubs, book signing events, schools, and trade shows. I even attended the huge book expo event that takes place in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It was in Chicago; it got the attention of an agent. Like the first novel, it went through a transformation. The title was renamed, "Mile High Confessions," and the cover was changed. My novel was in bookstores, libraries, and inside magazines. I was very proud of myself. Making good on the dream I had since I was eleven-years-old.

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