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Oh the Characters You'll Meet

In my world you'll meet characters from all walks of life. In "Mile High Confessions," my character, Whitney, a flight-attendant and single mother of one--flies the friendly skies to escape the dysfunction that awaits her upon landing.

In "Happily Never After," Dr. David Leonard, is a prominent Houston physician with vices he manages to keep under wraps only to have them exposed by his wife. Then there's Madeline, from "Lost in the Music," and "A Melody for Madeline." Madeline is a piano prodigy. At just seventeen, she's a high school graduate with acceptance into Juilliard. She is a concert pianist who masters classical composers like Chopin, Brahams, and Schumann, with ease, like a stroll in the park. However, when characters-- Gregory Washington III, a young, wealthy Black yacht enthusiast, and JB, an all-American collegiate player at USC emerge. Life for Madeline is never the same.

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